Not only is my friends page dedicated to this special person, but the whole concept of my being here at all is his patience, kindness, thoughtfulness, and most of all being there when I need him, day or night. If it were not for this special person , I would still just be out there surfing. I wouldn't have met many of the following people and it is a direct impact that this aMAZEing person had on me that kept me in the WBS WebTV chat room. He gave me my first animated picture of Santa jumping on the sack, trying to get it down the chimney. (Remember that one ?)He has continued to help me by teaching me the HTML to do this page. He is also the reason Phil Goldman featured my e-mail signature in the July, 1997 Club WebTV Newsletter in the Founders' Forum, because he taught me how to do it.I can never thank him enough so that is why I am doing this dedication. To those of you who don't know who he is, he has many names, too many to list right now... so ladies and gentlemen at the top of my list I would like to introduce my best internet friend, Mr. Bill, AKA MazeDon (APPLAUSE)

It is with sad feelings that MazeDon passed away on January 27th, 2001. He will be missed.

My list of Friends

MazeDon's page
A-MAZEing....# 1
A loving couple.. Mr. & Mrs. WEBITIZER
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a new friend from Hawaii
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always a friendly chat....
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the man & his music.....
FRONT 242 page
unpathetic homepage
The First International Church of The Web
Reverand Dave officiating
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Always there with a hand
Junior Rodeo Family Fun !
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Sug@r B's page
She is so sweet that's why her name is Sug@r
Lone Runner's page
Watch out girls.. Lone is here among you
123 Storm's page
A nice kind of Storm
Terry SK's page
Music & More
Real Popular
DaMunchkin's page
The ageless girl
Lynda's botabano
My new internet friend
The Usual Suspect
A real life personal friend.
Daria's Dandy Designs
Talk about TALENT, here it is.

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