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Well, I see you found Old Santa Claus' page. First let me tell you that I am only at the North Pole between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.The rest of the year I can be found in Cleveland, OH. Cleveland is a big sports town, with teams in every major sport . If you keep going I have links to all of the Cleveland Teams. Cleveland also is the host of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

For all of you believers, here are some facts about Santa's reindeer.Please click your back button to return here, this is a link.

Now, a little something for you non believers. Here is a letter a little girl named Virginia wrote to the newspaper about me in 1897.
( I told you I was old , didn't I ? )

If you have children at home, I found this really nice site for them. It is Billybears Animated Storybook & Kidz.

Another great site for your children is KidSpace. Check out the coloring book here.

Ok,Ok. you win. By popular demand here is still another great site for all of your children.Children's Stories,Poems, Pictures and Sounds

For free banners, backgrounds, & Christmas clip art, this is the place to go : Benita's World-Christmas Clip Art,Bordered Backgrounds & more.

Are you ready for this ? Are you having a party ? If you are, everyone get a pencil and a sheet of paper and come with Old Santa because it's PARTY TIME

EXTRA-EXTRA, Read all about it. Santa's  orphan reindeer.

If you think I have a lot of reindeer, you should see how many  cats  are at Santa's house.

This is a  pulldown for children of all ages. See and listen to some of Santa's Christmas scenes and pictures.

I hope everyone will take the time to read   Santa's Prayer.

Have you ever wondered what Santa does the rest of the year ?

If you would like to send Santa a letter, I would love to hear from you. HOWEVER .... If you do not want a reply, please do not just use a phony return address because it takes time to send a personal reply only to have the mail bounce back to Santa's mailbox. Instead, if you do not need or want an answer to your mail, just put a little note on your mail saying that an answer is not wanted or something like that. There are a lot of children who do want a reply to their mail and I waste a lot of time writing to bad addresses. Thank You.

For links to Christmas pages and sites, go down the page to click on the LINKS icon.



For all you Cleveland Sports Fans.

The Cleveland Indians (Baseball)

The Cleveland Browns (Football)

The Cleveland Cavaliers (Basketball)

The Cleveland Lumberjacks (Hockey)

The Cleveland Crunch (Soccer)

The Cleveland Rockers (WNBA)

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