Merry   Christmas   Maya

HoHoHo Maya ....

Of course I remember you Maya. I saw you last year at a party and I always try to remember all the good children. I know that you have been good this year and it really makes me happy that you got all A's on your report card. That shows me that you are really special.

I see that you still like Barbi toys. Barbie dolls and toys are a Christmas favorite for girls year after year, it is still the number one doll. I also see on your list that you would like some new clothes. That's always nice so that you can look your best. Oh, and a notebook too. I would think that you have a good purpose for a notebook, so I'll make a note of that ... Ho Ho Ho. How nice of you to ask for a doll for Abuela. She didn't write to me asking for a doll so I guess I'll have to take your word for it.

As for getting your dad for you, that is something I can't do, but maybe if you ask him real nice maybe you will get together.

I think that most people and especially children, want a good Christmas. I know that I do.

Well Maya it was so nice to hear from you again this year and I hope that when you get up on Christmas morning that it will be your best Christmas ever. I would usually at this time tell you to be good, but I know you are already, so I'll just say ... MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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