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Old   Santa   Claus   at   home   with   his   cats

Santa and Mrs. Claus have 10 cats in the house and one lives outside, sort of a wild cat. Santa built him a two room heated house on the porch. Now on to our cats.

This is our oldest cat. Her name is Cali. We named her that because she is a Calico. All Calicos are girl cats. They have three colors in different patterns. The colors are , White, Orange and Black or Gray. We found Cali in an ad in the newspaper. She had been abused as a kitten and when we got her she was about three years old. We have had Cali about 4 years now. She is kind of a loner but most of the other cats respect her and leave her alone.She is Santa's favorite though, sort of like the Queen of the house.She sleeps where ever she wants to.

This is Siera. She is a gray tiger with a white belly and nose. Almost 6 months after we got Cali we thought it might be nice if she had company. So we went to the Animal Protective League and there was this cute little grey kitten. six weeks old, who needed a home. She is still a little shy with strangers, but she is strictly Mrs. Claus' cat. Siera has a special green shoelace that she carries all over the house. Sort of like Linis' secirity blanket. If you see the shoelace she is not too far away.

Say hello to Pumpkin. She was rescued from a tree about 35 feet up. She was seen in the tree for three days before someone climbed the tree and brought her down. She was so happy and loving that we could not stand to see her face that kind of life so we took her in too. Of course we didn't know at the time that she was going to have kittens. She had a litter of seven. We were able to have someone give a good home to two of them but we kept the other five. Pumpkin is mostly orange with bright yellow eyes, thus the name pumpkin.